I spent the last 15 min thinking of a title, when really all I wanted to do was talk about Giselle. I am overthinking blogging again.

Last Friday I went to see Giselle, a romantic ballet in two acts and that was all that I knew about it. Boy, was I surprised when the first act ended with the biggest shock ever – I am talking bigger than Ned’s death in the first season of Game of Thrones, well that is how it felt for me. It’s probably like the shock someone would feel if they were reading Romeo and Juliet and knew nothing about their death – although that is impossible.

Needless to say, my knowledge of ballet is close to zero so I wasn’t familiar with Giselle. Ballet started and ended with Tchaikovsky for me and by that I mean I only knew about Swan Lake and The Nutcracker, nothing about The Sleeping Beauty (wait, that is a ballet too?). You get the point. But Giselle has stirred an obsession in me and now I want to devour all of the ballet shows that the Opera will have – and I will probably go see Giselle again.

After the first act ended – with me in shock, not being able to have a conversation with my little cousin, the second act’s start was amazing – there was the Moon (I also have a huge passion for the Moon) and the Wilis and Myrtha (which might have been my favourite part of the ballet) and it was glorious.

Unfortunately I do not have any pictures from the actual ballet – because it is against the rule to take photographs during the show, so you will have to take my word for it!