As mentioned in a post last week, this month I plan to join quite a few of read-a-thons and the first on the list is the longest, so I have quite the TBR for it!

Fraterfest starts tonight at midnight (October 11th) and ends on October 16th (11:59 PM) and the go-to genres are the scary ones, but the novels do not really need to be terrifying. Anyway, you can get all the details by checking out this post at Caffeinated Reviewer.

I will probably go to sleep before midnight, so my reading-a-thon will actually start tomorrow morning, at 5 am probably because I am back to being an early bird! Anyway, there are going to be challenges – which are not yet announced if I am not mistaken, and there will be a lot of reading and a lot of fun!

My plan is to read at least a half of my books on my TBR because I have a full-time job and no audio-books to listen to during work. My second goal is to read more physical books – that’s because lately I had a hard time reading them, but I do have some e-books on my TBR too.


For my physical TBR pile, I have some classics like Grimm’s Household Tales, and it’s the gorgeous edition illustrated by Mervyn Peake and I received it for my birthday a few years back. Another classic and probably full of rereads is Edgar Allan Poe’s Spirits of the Dead: Tales and Poems – I read some stories and poems from this one, but never the full book, so that’s what I want to do this time because Halloween is perfect for reading Poe!

I might be cheating with this one, but I plan to finish Era of Undying by Emilie Knight during this read-a-thon although I am already a third in. It’s my first ARC and I should really review it soon, right?

And I also have some books from my Autumn TBR like Pet Sematary by Stephen King which is a massive 400 pages book with tiny font, but King is great at storytelling and I never feel the time passing when reading his writing. Also from the Autumn TBR I will try to finish some e-books: Hellicious vol 1 by Mina Elwell, All Things (A Reverend Alma Lee Mystery #1) by Amber Belldene, and The Mile End Murder by Sinclair McKay.

I think this should be enough for this Read-a-Thon. I have a lot of books on my plate, but my goal is half of them, and mostly the physical ones, so wish me luck!

PS: I will probably add more books or change some because I’m a mood reader!

Are you participating? What are you going to read?