What is going on? I only had one other post between my last Weekend Post and this one! And you know what? That might happen again because I am prioritizing writing when I feel like it and although I had one moment of panic this week because there was no new post on my blog, yesterday after finally writing a book review I realized just how much fun I had doing it! Running my blog without the self-imposed pressure to post a random number of posts per week is amazing!

So let’s see what else I was up to this week since I did not write that many blog posts. And, as always, this post is linked up with The Sunday Post at Caffeinated Reviewer and Stacking the Shelves at Tynga’s Reviews – and I will probably never miss a post because I love these memes! Even if that sometimes means writing the weekend wrap-up on a Monday like last time!


This week went by really fast that I do not even remember much of what happened – there was a lot of walking involved for sure, because Walking Month is going strong and I am killing it, at least for my personal walking goals!


This weekend I participated in another event called Let’s Do It, Romania – part of Let’s Do It, World celebrating World Cleanup Day by cleaning the places around us so I spent the morning in a forest nearby getting a bit sad by the amount of trash people leave in the forest, but also being motivated thinking that alongside us, other people are doing the same around the world and hopefully this will change the mindset of the other humans to be more mindful about the trash they leave behind! It was a fun day, I met new awesome people and had a delicious goulash made in a huge cauldron – everyone had a great time and the forest is a little bit cleaner than yesterday.

So while my week was quite uneventful but stressful and busy at the same time (I hate the word busy), my weekend is busy too but much more enjoyable. After visiting my friends’ dog for a sad farewell little pup (the poor soul has cancer), I spent my evening making a tiramisu because tomorrow I am hosting one of my first dinner party that I’ve been dreaming about since before we had the apartment! And my kitchen is not yet perfect – it is impossible to find the perfect table for it, I said F&&K IT! and decided to host my dream dinner parties anyway! Tomorrow is more of a lunch and I will hopefully be serving some Italian appetizers including bruschetta and grissini (Italian breadsticks – these I bought from the shop, but I plan to cook everything else), then some spaghetti with Bolognese sauce and Tiramisu for dessert – which I just made and it’s in the fridge!

This dinner party is all Italian inspired featuring some of my favourite Italian dishes, but I hope to transform these into a monthly thing (or maybe every other week, but no pressure) and have different people over all the time! I am really excited as you can probably tell from the long paragraphs I wrote this time around!


As previously mentioned, I did freak out a bit in the middle of the week because I had no idea what blog posts to write, but I calmed down and it simply came naturally. I have to accept that in some weeks I just do not have the mood for writing blog posts.

As for next week, although I do not promise anything I hope to write about all the online course I signed up for – probably because school is starting and I may miss it only a little bit, and I also want to write a bit about my relationship with my job, since I work for a corporation and I am totally convinced that I and corporations simply do not get along when it comes to our core values.

But until I will write those posts (if I ever do), you can read these awesome posts from all around the blogosphere:


And now for the part where I try to ignore all the books added to my TBR in spite of me sharing above the great book discussion on controlling the TBR and not being controlled by it. Do as I say, not as I do, ok?

From NetGalley I mostly have some non-fiction books for kids that sound like a lot of fun and a book on minimalism – although I should apply those minimalist principles when it comes to my TBR, I know!

From the science picture books area we have The Skies Above My Eyes by Charlotte Gullain which is all about space, Hey There, Earth Dweller!: Dive Into This World We Call Earth by Marc ter Horst is a book about, well, the Earth and it sounds like a lot of fun, Raise the Flag: Terrific Flag Facts, Stories and Trivia! by Clive Gifford is exactly what is says it is – trivia and facts about flags, and last, but not least I got some books from the Little People, Big Dreams collection which features biographies for kids – I got the one about Mother Teresa, Anne Frank, Jane Austen and a few more. There are a lot in this series and I hope I enjoy them!

The Minimalist Home: A Room-by-Room Guide to a Decluttered Refocused Life by Joshua Becker is one of those self-help books that talks about getting your like together by having less clutter. I hope it will be fun, because while I like the idea of minimalism and the minimalist approach when it comes to some things, books on decluttering did not really motivate me to declutter so far.


I was in a really chatty mood today, but now it is quite late at night and I am falling asleep so let’s end this and see you next time – as soon as possible, hopefully!

What were you up to this weekend? Do you like tiramisu? And what new books did you get?