It is Sunday, which means it is time for yet another long blog post observing all the otaku things I watched or read during the week. Spoiler alert: there is no Asian drama! It was a very busy week and a drama episode is really really long.


I did not start any new anime from the current season, but I am hoping to do so next week. Anyway, I did watch another episode from the one started last time!

Kyoto Teramachi Sanjou no Holmes / Holmes of Kyoto (Summer 2018)


While Holmes of Kyoto is a nice way to waste time, I gotta admit there are better anime to watch. The 2nd episode was quite boring and predictable – I kinda guessed the conclusion from the minute they entered the shop. And another complaint would be that in spite of me guessing so easily, the anime doesn’t really give you clues. This episode might be cliche, but I do not want this anime to take the BBC’s Sherlock route where you do not get the all the details because their writing is not smart enough to make the viewers not solve the whodunnit even with all the clues in front of them.


On the bright side, I watched more anime from this year. Actually I am trying to catch up on Hatarku Onii-san! / Working Buddies! (Winter 2018) because it’s a short anime. I watched three episodes and I have like 6 left which I shall probably finish until next Sunday because they are 4 min long, but surprisingly fun.


And I am, of course, continuing one of the Spring anime started, even if the previous watched episode made me really sad with its bittersweet ending – although that is probably gonna be my favourite episode!

Gegege no Kitarou (Spring 2018)


Episode 7 was a bit more fun, but also a bit more spooky. That’s part of this show’s charm – the episodes are so diverse in genre and atmosphere. This one was quite near to horror and Kitarou wasn’t even a big part of it. It made me quite miss watching Jigoku Shoujo / Hell Girl – that is such a classic anime in my book… I wonder if it aged well.


When I was a bit bored with Hataraku Onii-san! and looking for other short animes to watch on my small breaks, I discovered Neko Neko Nihonshi / Meow Meow Japanese Histori an anime from Spring 2016 that is telling the history of Japan with cats as characters! I guess it can be described as a historical parody for kids, but whatever it is, it’s glorious and I am loving it!


The first episode is about Himiko, a shamaness-queen who united more tribes from ancient Japan… and in this episode she does so with cat grass. Well, it was really fun – especially when the cats refused to get on the boat to go to China.


I think I read more manga than watched anime this week, but that’s because it’s way easier to read when you are very busy rather than watch TV. Although I know you can pause the anime too, but it’s not the same thing. Am I the only one who feels this way?

Good Morning Call (1997-2002)


I finally finished the first volume of Good Morning Call and it was really enjoyable. I have to admit I still miss the drama characters which is why I started the manga. Things are still hilarious, although the story is getting some dramatic touches here and there. I am now ready for season 2, since our two protagonists will start school again and nobody can find out that they are living together!!

Seto Utsumi (2012-2017)


I got the first volume of Seto Utsumi from NetGalley to review and I liked it – but that is not the general opinion of the other reviewers and I think it’s only because they might not be that familiar with manga, or with the slice-of-life genre. Basically, our two main characters Seto and Utsumi meet everyday after school by the river and spend a couple of hours just talking… and one day they played badminton. I know it’s not full of action, but sometimes that’s just how slice of life goes and I really enjoy the pace and the lack of plot, simply spending some time in the company of the characters.



With such a full week I barely had any time for anime, plus the new season of Orange Is the New Black is out so that kept me busy too, but I am quite happy with all my otaku activities – even if they were mostly about watching short anime with cat characters.

How was your week? Watched any fun anime? Do you enjoy any anime in particular from the current season? And let me know if you are writing an Otaku Sunday too!