I am back and I cannot remember when is the last time I wrote a post from this series. There is no point in talking too much about the blog break – basically life got a bit too busy, with lots of people coming over to help with the apartment or take Uni exams as was the case of my little cousin who will be studying fashion design starting this autumn – so congrats to her!!

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In other life updates… I am slowly getting back into a routine of sorts, although balance is a really hard thing to achieve no matter how much I want it.

Last week or so I went for the first time in MONTHS in a bookshop and went a bit crazy – I actually went to my favourite bookshop chain and they have two places almost on the same street. I bought two books from the first one and I thought I was okay, doing fine, awesome self-control for a book lover stepping for the first time in a while in the magical world of a bookshop. But then I went to the second one too and… I do not remember how many books I got. Probably four books and a record, plus two books as gifts for someone. Not too bad, right?

But on the blogging front I am doing quite well for now and I plan to keep up with this, plus also make some time for visiting more blogs and commenting more! So here are the posts from last week:

As for the next week, I am not sure what to expect but I will definitely write my July Books Wrap-Up. I am trying not to plan ahead too much because I will feel bad if I end up not writing the posts. So no pressure!

Stacking the Shelves

We will ignore the books I got from the bookshop because that was almost two weeks ago, so it does not count! But I got some books this week too:


I got How to Be a Mermaid by Erin Hayes for free from Amazon (please check if it’s still free before purchasing!) and it’s the first novel in the The Cotton Candy Quintet and it sounds like a lot of fun: our main character pretends she is a mermaid until she starts transforming into one for real!

I also got the latest issue from Lightspeed Magazine – I have a subscription for this magazine so it will be featured at every start of the month. I still have a lot left to read from the July edition (I even talked yesterday about it), but you can never have too many science-fiction and fantasy short stories.

And how can I say I am back for good if I don’t feature at least one NetGalley book? I requested Elsewhere, Home by Leila Aboulela and got approved for it – plus it came with the sweetest approval mail, telling me to not hurry and take time to read it and review it, and also to write whatever I feel in the review. It is a short story collection and based on the synopsis it sounds amazing:

“Which part of ourselves is lost when life takes us somewhere new? Vividly evoking the overlapping worlds of Sudan, Egypt and Britain, these lyrical, intimate stories tell us of the lives of those lost between cultures. Through their journeys, we discover the true sense of what it means to belong.”


Well, my plan was to not talk (well, write) too much, but I cannot stop myself from rambling! So thank you for reading and for waiting for me during the blog break!

What were you up to last week? Any fun bookish purchases this week? What are you reading right now?