Well, it’s about time I write another one of these posts since the last time I talked about my weekend reading plans was LAST YEAR! I couldn’t believe it either. Another reason why I want to write these posts again – at least every other week – is because it really gets me excited for all the reading possibilities of the weekend!

So for my first weekend of August I am trying not to be an overachiever because I usually set myself way too bigger goals for the weekend and I end up on the couch binge-watching Orange Is the New Black – the new season is out!! So apart from watching probably all the episodes from OITNB, I will also try to finish at least one book. Here’s the weekend TBR:


I hope to finish The Mysterious Affair at Styles by Agatha Christie, which is a re-read and a book for an Instagram book club – I am already late to the book discussion and we will start reading the next books for the club soon, which is why I hope to get it done this weekend. It’s Christie’s first novel and it features Poirot. I have to admit he is much more bearable in his first book; if you did not know, I read quite a lot of Christie’s novels in a very short amount of time, and I kinda ended up despising Poirot, but in this novel I like him a lot (maybe only the teenager-me hates him). It’s a delight to watch Hastings, Poirot’s friend and the narrator, jump to conclusions and trying to prove to Poirot that he can solve the case.

I am also currently reading the July issue of Lightspeed Magazine, a science-fiction and fantasy magazine. I did not open it once during July so you can say I am just starting it, but so far the first short story Permanent Fatal Errors by Jay Lake is really good, the descriptions of the universe are so vivid that I feel like I am actually there. Oh, and some of the short stories you can read them online too! Hopefully I will read a lot of it until the August issue is out!

And if I have time… then I want to maybe catch up on some children’s fiction like The Hodgeheg by Dick King-Smith because I will have to return it to the library soon, but also some ARCs like Earth to Dad by Krista Van Dolzer, a middle grade novel about a kid whose dad is on Mars, but from what I read on the Goodreads synopsis I am pretty sure this book will get some tears out of me.


Thank you for reading! I really hope to get back into a reading/blogging routine this weekend so wish me luck! Have a great weekend, dear reader!

Also, what are you planning on reading this weekend?