Greg from Book Haven features the cover of a comic or graphic novel every week and I am a huge fan of his posts so decided to join in the fun and talk about the comic of the week too – in those week I read any.

And this week we have:

RCO003 (1)

This is the alternative cover of the last issue ending the entire Batman: White KnightΒ series. Anyway, it’s been a really really long while since I enjoyed a Batman comic (or DC comic in general), so this is a great one since I loved it!

The start was rather slow but maybe I just wasn’t in the mood of a Batman comic, but the last 5 issues I read in a day and it was a lot of fun!

I usually prefer my comics to not be mixed or part of a grand universe because I get tired trying to keep up with all the comics and know what every superhero is up to and all that, which is why I enjoyed this one so much since it’s not tied in with the entire universe. Plus, itΒ was a bit crazy since the Bat was really violent and not listening to anyone and the Joker was playing the good guy!

I quite enjoyed how the comic emphasized Batman’s flaws and I really really liked the conclusion of the comic, but that’s because I am sucker for such things, you know?

Anyway, the art is fantastic too! It’s gritty and gloomy just like one would expect, but it feels alive as well – the movement is spectacular. It goes hand in hand with the atmosphere of the story.


What do you think? Did you pick up Batman: White Knight? Do you read any DC comics at the moments and do you have a Batman recent favourite that I could try?