I am finally joining Evelina’s State of the ARC at Avalinah’s Books – and you can learn more about this meme by reading this, but basically this is a great way to track all of my ARCs and keep myself accountable.


Evelina has invited me in the past to be part of this meme especially since she witnessed how fast my pile of ARCs was growing, but every time I was like no, no, no, I have this under control. Aha ha ha ha! Turns out I don’t. I just cannot say no to books!

But on the bright side, I think I can still manage this – just look at my chart:


This month I managed to read 12 ARCs – mostly children’s books, but that’s also what I request the most. I also wrote a review on the blog; I am trying to get better at writing reviews on the blog too, plus there is one more day left from March (plus tonight!) and I might be able to finish at least a couple of graphic novels because I am stuck in bed, with a fever and lots of tea.

Here is the plan until the next State of the ARC:

  • Get more organized with my reading.
  • Try to read at least a couple of books from the overdue ones.
  • Try to post more book reviews on the blog.

And hopefully by the end of the month I will also finish these books:


And I also have a book that’s not an ARC that I want to read – 1 day, 4 books, is that even possible?

Well, this is my State of the ARC for March. Cannot wait to see what progress I make until the next one.

How many ARCs do you have piled up and how many are overdue?