Another month has passed and I feel like I did not achieve anything new with my birthday list – and I will continue to blame my failures on the cold weather. Last week I was sure the sun is back, but today I woke up to snow – again, and it’s almost the end of March!

Last time I decided that I won’t be so hard on myself and change some of the deadlines – like do this every month will turn into do this at least 12 times this year and so on, because this year is a big year for me personally, but that comes with a lot of stress and less time as well. So instead of being sad, let’s celebrate what I accomplished!


To keep it positive, here’s what I am crossing off this month:

○ Create an emergency fund! I finally did it, but most of it will be spent on the apartment next month – do you know how much a notary makes just for signing a piece of paper? IT IS CRAZY! Why didn’t I become one? But I am still proud of managing to save so much money.

○ Work on my social calendar – I am becoming a social butterfly. I am saying yes more to going out, even if it’s in the middle of the week (as soon as I publish this I am going out for drinks with some friends), I have more social plans, but I am also really spontaneous and make the people in my life a priority. Sometimes we even have spontaneous guests for dinner – last night a friend came over and I made pizza from scratch! Cannot wait to move and have an awesome kitchen and throw dinner parties!

And this is it. It’s not much, but we shouldn’t forget that last month I crossed off three other things from the list – that makes a total of 5 out of 26 challenges done! So I am celebrating that!


Things that I am still working on, but at least I am doing something:

○ Not eating out as much and having more homemade lunches for work. I admit it’s not perfect, sometimes I have weeks I do not have time to cook, but there is a balance and for now it’s enough.

○ Sorting and decluttering – not a huge progress with this one, but I am more organized and I know what things I have to donate, just didn’t have the time to go and donate them.

○ Watching documentaries – I watched Icarus this weekend. I am not including documentary series I follow, so if you have any full-length documentary features to recommend, please do!

○ Complete at least 4 online courses – I recently started quite a lot of online courses, so there are big chances to finish at least a few of those, right?

○ Read non-fiction books! I am not counting the kids books and for now not even the books I get for review, although I should, but I am keeping it more challenging. I will soon finish a book I got from the library.

○ Playing more video games – also going well and mostly because I am playing online with my friends. Will try some solo adventures at one point or another.

And that’s it for today. I will not go into things I did not make any progress because the excuse will be more or less the same – it’s too cold outside and I don’t feel like leaving the house, unless it’s for a hot cup of cocoa or mulled wine with friends.

Thank you for reading! And if you know any good documentaries, please recommend me some!