This week was pretty busy so I only had time to watch anime yesterday, but at least I caught up with my favourite this season (Sora yori…) and there’s only two episodes left – I am thinking of saving the one that airs next week for a short binge to say good bye. That being said, let’s start with my favourite:

Sora yori mo Tooi Basho/ A Place Further than the Universe (Winter 2018)

I was always wondering what would happen when they get to Antarctica but then I realized that this anime is not about Antarctica, it’s about friendship and it is lovely – every episode made me laugh a lot but also cry, and there are few shows that can jump from one emotion to another and feel so natural. Plus I connect so much with all the four girls and I share their insecurities so every episodes goes straight to my heart.


Yuru Camp (Winter 2018)

As I realized previously, I prefer only one episode/week from this anime and that means I am one episode behind – but it’s the Christmas camping trip so I think it will be split in two episodes since the finale airs next week so I might binge the last two episodes from this one too. I am not ready to say good-bye to these girls either, and this episode Rin continues her journey to another solo-camping trip but she has to rely even more on the other girls. And she finally said yes to the Christmas camping trip!


Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san (Winter 2018)

I am really behind with Ramen Daisuki because there’s so much ramen eating anyone can watch, but I think the show is getting better and I am glad I stuck with it, although it’s more of a background show for now as I tend to multitask during it – but that is how I discovered I understand Japanese! I cannot form complex sentences in Japanese, but I am able to understand Japanese without subtitles.



I also enjoyed a lot of episodes from the short anime Micchiri Neko (2018), but that’s all for my week in anime! Most anime from the Winter season are approaching their finale, but I am still behind so I have no idea when or if I will check the Spring anime chart and pick the new anime to follow but I do hope to write full reviews for Sora yori… and Yuru-Camp.

Have a great week and enjoy your anime!