The sun is finally making its way back on the sky as you can see in the picture below. And as always, my Weekend Post is linked up with The Sunday Post at Caffeinated Reviewer and Stacking the Shelves at Tynga’s Reviews.


Life Update. If I were to describe this week in one word, then it would be ‘spontaneous’:

  • I went out for drinks on a weekday – I know I do not have school, but I start work really early so drinking until late the night before it’s not something I like to do, but once in a while, especially if it’s for a friend I am not going to say no and we had a lot of fun!
  • yesterday I planned to enjoy my Friday evening in bed with a book, resting after a long week at work, but another friend invited me to join her to Black Panther and I couldn’t say no again because I really missed her. We had a lot of fun and the movie was great! And it’s not only my opinion, check out Olivia’s mini review of the film.
  • other than that, I started a lot of online courses including one on Mindfulness (De-Mystifying Mindfulness), which reminded me how much I missed my practice and I am slowly getting back into it, a course on Effective Altruism which I am not sure how I feel about, it raises some questions but I also do not agree with some aspects, and last but not least a course on the Pyramids of Giza (Pyramids of Giza: Ancient Egyptian Art and Archaeology) because I always need some history in my life.
  • oh, and I am taking care of the Alex’s cats again this weekend – I just returned from them and we had a lot of fun and a few cuddles.

This Week on the Blog:

Wow, two reviews in one week – that was surprising even for me and I was going to schedule them in different weeks but I enjoyed writing them so much that I couldn’t do it.

Next Week on the Blog:

  • Otaku Sunday #12
  • Art Musings – new series I really hope to write at least once a month
  • Weekly Reading Update (WWW)
  • Liebster Award
  • The Weekend Post #12
I really need to start taking pictures of books, but most physical copies are still packed away in boxes.

Around the Blogosphere:

Trusting the Author by Ruby’s Books. I really enjoyed Ruby’s points here on how it’s okay to have expectations from the books we read but don’t expect to author to write what you hope will happen! And, really, as I was saying in my Madame Bovary review, books are supposed to be challenging, the characters we root for do not have to end up together and some characters we do not want together sometimes they end up a couple (oh, J.K.Rowling, why did you do this me?) or the author can decide to change the vibe of the series in the final book (I am looking at you Mr. King!), and while I did not like their decision, I am also not holding it against them – it’s what they wanted or how they felt the story should go (except J.K who tweeted she didn’t want that and made my life better in 140 characters or less).

Goodreads: Organizing Your Shelves by Northern Plunder. Although this is not a new post, I am sharing it because I am working on organizing my Goodreads shelves and working on some TBR shelves (thank you for the advice, Evelina). I think you will find it useful too.

Stacking the Shelves:

Did I say I am not going to NetGalley last week? No, you are mistaken. It’s not like you have the proof in writing or anything like that… So I got Herding Cats by Sarah Andersen and a lot of books from the Hooray for Family series, that I already read and reviewed so it’s like I never got them, right? Here’s what I got and have yet to review:


A Tale of Two Daddies, because I really enjoyed A Tale of Two Mommies; some more graphic novels including Limited Edition by Aude Picault which is about a 30-something nurse who wants to start a family, Lydie by Jordi Lafebre which seems to be tragic story, but I did not read too much about it ’cause I want to be surprised. And I also got more poetry – Wild Nights: Heart Wisdom from Five Women Poets because it fits the month of March, right?


Free books from Amazon (that might not be free anymore, so check before you click buy): Good Guys Love Dogs by Inglath Cooper because dogs, Avalon: A Heartwarming True Cat Story by Vanessa Morgan because cats, and Emotional Judo: Communication Skills to Handle Difficult Conversations and Boost Emotional Intelligence by Tim Higgs because… it was free?


And now I have a lot of books by Peter Singer because he is the professor for my Effective Altruism course. I have mixed feelings about the guy, and the course itself, but I wanted to read some of his books and with a little help from Matt, a friend who studies Anthropology I managed to get my hands on some of Singer’s books – the one that I will read first is The Most Good You Can Do because it’s about effective altruism.


And the haul is not over, I also got a few more books including these non-fiction that I am excited about: So You Want to Talk about Race by Ijeoma Oluo and Swearing Is Good for You by Emma Byrne! Sadly enough, I couldn’t request for The Girls in the Picture by Melanie Benjamin, and even though I wished for it I guess the publishers did not want to grant me that wish. Well I caved in and got it myself.


Last but not least, I got some thrillers that I saw a lot around the blogosphere so I blame you, guys! I wanted Keep Her Safe by K.A. Tucker after Lexxie posted recommendation for Romantic Suspense books, I saw The Wife Between Us on a lot of blogs and couldn’t resist it, and The Perfect Nanny by Leila Slimani charmed me from the first time I saw the cover and I just had to have it!

And now I should go read all my books, right?

What books did you get because of other book bloggers?