I will be short: there are a lot of books from NetGalley in this post. And as always, this post is linked up with The Sunday Post at Caffeinated Reviewer and Stacking the Shelves at Tynga’s Reviews.


Continuing the life update with another weather report: it’s freezing hell out there!

  • this week we had our belated Valentine’s Day date and went to an awesome pub called Nomad that serves foods from all over the world – so I had some Austrian pierogi (although aren’t pierogi Polish?) and a very delicious Italian risotto con pancetta i fungi. They had more interesting foods than risotto and I know Italian dishes are popular all over town, but I love risotto and wanted to try this one (it was delicious). Will definitely go back there and try some more exotic and exciting dishes.
  • we celebrated 1st of March – it is a tradition in my country to give “martisoare” on 1st of March, they symbolize friendship and Spring. I got tulips from my coworkers and Raffaello pralines and lots of cute martisoare – picture with them below, also martisoare-bracelets are popular this year and I love mine!
  • other than that, I had a very productive week, the house is almost spotless, I wrote blogs in advanced, I replied to all comments and commented a lot on other blogs, I am even back to working out… the only thing I need to work on is cooking and not ruining pots – I burned a pot and the only way to salvage it was to throw it away (PS: I was only boiling vegetables).

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Also, I really want to thank Evelina for the Blogging Calendar! I already scheduled two posts that will be published next week and I am also working on posts for the future weeks. Achievement unlocked!

The “martisoare” I was talking about above!

Stacking the Shelves:

Remember how last week I did not go on NetGalley but had a huge haul from Amazon? Well this week we have the opposite, although I also purchased two books from Amazon:


I got The Girl in the Blue Shoes by Shaun Hume because Evelina reviewed it on her blog and I really want to read it. And also got Bubblegum by Sari Taurez because it’s the March pick for one of the Discord book clubs I am in – I can’t participate in all the book club groups every month, but Bubblegum sounds really good!

And now let’s start with all the NetGalley books (also, I got auto-approved by a publisher and I did not even know that was a thing, but it’s awesome):


I got a lot of art books in an attempt to get my creative motivation back: The Art of Creative Watercolor: Inspiration and Techniques for Imaginative Drawing and Painting by Danielle Donaldson, which is pretty self-explanatory, Folk Art Fusion: Americana – Learn to Draw and Paint Charming American Folk Art with a Colorful, Modern Twist by Joy Laforme – although I do not know much about American folk art I am willing to try this, and The Creature Garden: An Illustrator’s Guide to Beautiful Beasts and Fictional Fauna by Zanna and Harry Goldhawk, this looks really whimsical.


And a few art books, two of which are more on graphic design: Design School: Layout by Richard Poulin and The Little Book of Lettering & Word Design by Cari Ferraro and John Stevens – this takes me back to Uni and I want to exercise these skills more. And I also got Badass Babe Workbook: Creative Exercises, Drawing Activities, Empowering Stories, and Fuel for Your Personal Revolution, Inspired by Over 100 Trailblazing Women by Julie Van Grol – because I am very curious about it.


Some more artsy books, but not necessarily about art are: Gustav Klimt at Home by Patrick Bade, not an art book, but a book about an artist I admire; I also got Humanity by Ai Weiwei, another artist I admire; The Telling Image by Lois Farfel Stark, that I do not know how to describe but maybe I will after I read it, and She Used to Be on a Milk Carton by Kailey Tedesco and illustrated by Whitney Proper, a poetry collection.

And here are some other books that don’t necessarily fit into a category:


The Wellspring Trilogy: The Crystal Key by Robert Groneworld, cause it looks really nice. Sex and the City and Us: How Four Single Women Changed the Way We Think, Live, and Love by Jennifer Keishin Armstrong, I watched the show a couple of times and it is a lot of fun, which is why I picked this book because I admit I am curious about it. Gardenlust: A Botanical Tour of the World’s Best New Gardens by Christopher Woods because I love Botanical Gardens.


I got SHOCK Anthology because of Neil Gaiman, there’s really nothing else to say. I couldn’t leave NetGalley without a kids book so I got Pip’s Big Hide-and-Seek-Book by Thais Vanderheyden – it seems really colorful and like a lot of fun; and last but not least I got A Literary Tea Party: Blends and Treats for Alice, Bilbo, Dorothy, Jo, and Book Lovers Everywhere by Alison Walsh, I mean with that subtitle how could I not get it, right?

This is my haul for now and I promise this month I will not go on NetGalley again until I review at least 10 books! Sounds doable, right? Although my main goal is to get my feedback ratio over 50%.

What books did you get this week? Any fun discoveries on NetGalley?