How can one forget what day it is? Yesterday I was working on this blog post and then I was like… hey, why don’t I post a book review? I didn’t even remember it was Wednesday and this blog post was supposed to go live yesterday. Eh, better late than never!

Recently finished: Destination: Planet Earth by Jo Nelson, with illustrations by Tom Clohosy Cole. I absolutely adore this little encyclopedia for kids! I already praised it in my Goodreads review, but I cannot not mention it on my blog! I loved science books when I was a little kid (still do, although now they are a bit more boring when it comes to illustrations) so it was really easy to fall in love with this one because the illustrations are stunning and the information is just perfect to keep the little readers engaged but enough not to bore them or to be to hard to understand. This was the easiest book to rate 5 stars (in general I really overthink when I rate a book 5 stars).

Currently reading: I am really into The Nobleman’s Governess Bride by Deborah Hale and I think I might finish it soon because I cannot stop reading it! Although I am devouring the novella in this book, I am not entirely sure if I will enjoy the novel (the book has a novella and a novel) because I have a hard time enjoying romance novels. Romance novellas on the other hand are my guilty pleasure (but not contemporary).

While I am reading a bunch of books at once, I will not mention them all the time because I mentioned them a bunch of times in the past (yes, I am still reading them!). But I am actively reading Becoming Whole: A Healing Companion to Ease Emotional Pain and Find Self-Love by Bruce Alan Kehr M.D. and I plan to finish it soon. I have mixed feelings about it and I do not know how I feel about a therapist sharing stories of his patients even if under a different name.

Reading next: Brain Safari: 5-Minute Experiments to Explore the Space Between Your Ears by Eric Haseltine because I need more science books for kids.

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What are you reading and what do you plan to read next?