Disclaimer: This book was kindly sent to me in exchange for an honest review.

While my go-to from Timeless Romance Anthology is the Regency series, I have to admit that this book might just make me switch to Victorian as my favourite – this anthology is definitely in top 5 in any case and here’s what I enjoyed it so much!

35265285Title: A Grand Tour (Timeless Victorian Collection)
Author: Anthea Lawson, Jennifer Moore, Heather B. Moore
Published on: November 2017
Stars: 4/5
Goodreads synopsisAfter her first romance ends in disaster, Miss Isabelle Strathmore vows never to fall in love again. She will travel, certainly, and see the world, but it will be a spinster’s life for her. Chaperoning two young women on their grand tour is the opportunity of a lifetime for Eleanor Doyle. Although she’s an expert in many languages, her gender has made further education impossible. When Henry Gaiman discovers he’s inherited his distant uncle’s estate, he loathes the thought of returning to England since he’d rather continue with his archaeology dig in Egypt. Return he must, and there, he meets Evelyn, a woman who will change his world in more ways than one.

Review: The idea of the “grand tour” – traveling so much and for so long simply seems amazing. This is the main theme in the three novellas and I completely enjoyed the ride to Greece, Rome and Egypt, especially Egypt!

Our main female characters are smart in the academic sense. These women know a lot, especially history, sometimes Latin or reading hieroglyphs! The heroines in Timeless Anthologies are smart women in general, but rarely do they have an academic passion they actually follow despite how hard it was to pursuit because of their genre.

Last, but definitely not least, the romance was well-built, maybe except in the first story where it was a bit too fast but maybe it felt that way because our main characters were trying their hardest to stay away from love. But I was able to ignore that, because the following stories were really sweet (the third one is by far my favourite, but it might have more to do with Egypt than anything else).

If you are in the mood for some sweet romance novellas, I definitely recommend you to pick up this anthology – you will also get to travel and enjoy some foreign tea and dishes.