Another week has come and gone… And I got a cold! As per the usual, this post is linked up with Caffeinated Reviewer and Tynga’s Reviews – and I decided to change the day of this post on Saturday because two posts on Sunday is a lot of work, plus tomorrow I will not be home for more than half a day (and I am still not good at scheduling posts)!

I changed the name from “The Sunday Post” to “The Weekend Post” because this way I can post it on either day depending on my time! Genius, right?

life_update_snowLife Update! As I was saying, I spent my week working and dealing with a cold on the rest of the time – which meant not being capable to focus on anything after 8 hours at work.

  • I received a package from my mum (mostly with food) and she got me a scarf to replace the one I lost in Venice. I have an awesome mum, I know.
  • David Letterman has a show on Netflix, and the first episode was with Barack Obama. It is awesome! I was a huge fan of Late Night with David Letterman, so I am really happy he is back;
  • Yesterday was Laura’s birthday and I met her kitty, Sushi;
  • It snowed – finally!

This Week on the Blog:

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As predicted in the last Sunday Post, my blogging energy went down the drain (it might also be because of the cold), but it seems that I have a schedule now: I post three times a week and twice on the weekend!


Around the Blogosphere:

• How Do I Make a Good Edelweiss or NetGalley Profile? by Avalinah’s Books – let’s just all agree that I will probably share Avalinah’s posts every week but that is because she is such a lovely human and has great posts, especially these in the #NewBloggers 101 series! These posts help me a lot and I am sharing them hoping they will help you too!

• How to Write an About Page that Really Matters by Flipping Through the Pages – I discovered this post today but it is one that I really needed in my life! Next week I plan to update my About Me page and make it awesome with the help of Sim’s great tips! As with Avalinah’s post above, I do hope you will find this blog post helpful.

Stacking the Shelves:

amazon_free_booksOnly two books that I got for free from Amazon? I am amazed by my self-control! Poisoin in Paddington by Samantha Silver is another book to add to my cozy mystery collection! Closet Full of Bones by A.J. Aalto is a psychological thriller that I might have got just because of the cover (and because it was free)!

humble_bundle_booksThis week I only bought the $1 Work It Out bundle. I don’t really care about the keto and paleo books, but the other ones were interesting enough for just $1. There were some interesting books for the $8 and $15 bundles, but also a lot of other diet books that I did not care about. Self-control, see?

netgalley_review_booksMore children’s book from NetGalley because this year I am embracing my love for kids books and picture books!

Hooray for Grandma by Beatrice Masini, which seems to be a lovely picture book about why grandmas are so awesome! Bobbo, What Are You Doing? by Roberto Piumini is a book with three stories about the forest and its inhabitants; cannot wait to read it. I also got Megabat by Anna Humphrey and I am really excited about it because when I was a kid I loved any book with haunted houses and bats and this bat-book seems like a lot of fun!

This meme is really helpful to keep my book-buying/requesting/borrowing under control and this week I did so much better than the last, right? I am actually looking forward to getting even less books next week, but read some more of those shared the past couple of weeks!

What books did you get recently? And how was your week?