I know, I know! I am really late on this, but this is not the usual blog post I write and it definitely took more time to get all the pictures – plus natural light in the winter is a big problem, especially when I spend most of my day at work! I did not give up and the blog post is finally here – especially since people on Insta voted that I write it! It was my first Insta-poll so I got really excited.

I got the Yves Rocher Advent Calendar as a birthday present from my boyfriend – this is the first Christmas-themed birthday present that I actually like (my birthday is at the end of November and when I was little all the kids were bringing me Christmas themed stuff!! Don’t get me wrong, I like a good Christmas mug, but as a Christmas present not a birthday one!)

This was such a long introduction, so let’s get to the products because we have 24 of them!


1. “Quelques Notes D’Amour” Perfume
The month started with one of my favourite perfumes from Yves Rocher – I had one once, but my mum liked it so I gave it to her. Then one day I wore it to a coffee with Alecs, my best friend, and she loved it and I got her one when she graduated university. So it is well liked by a lot of lovely humans! I am poor at describing perfumes – it is very feminine, but not overwhelmingly sweet.

2. Repair Shampoo for damaged hair
For the first time in a long while, my hair is really healthy and not damaged – although I tried the perfume, I cannot really tell you if it does anything. It had jojoba oil and I heard great things about that!

3. Overnight Repair Hair Mask for damaged hair
Well, same as above – tried it, but didn’t notice anything because my hair is lovely for once. Also I rarely try hair masks, it made my hair smell awesome but other than that… oh, it has jojoba oil too ☺.

4. Eyeshadow in Brun Acajou Nacre
This is way more excited than the products for damaged hair, especially since it is a full-size product! It is a lovely soft brown with gold shimmery bits – I loved wearing it in a subtle way around my crease in December.


5. Hand Cream with Organic Arnica
Big lover of hand creams and this one went straight into my bag; it is really moisturizing and my hands feel refreshed after using it.

6. Micellar Water Makeup Remover
My favourite way to remove my makeup is with micellar water – I already love my usual makeup remover, but this one might just be better. The smell is not as strong – always a plus in my book, and it doesn’t dry my skin as much as my usual makeup remover does.

7. Face Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin
From the same range as the makeup remover, I wasn’t too excited about this face cream when I first got it – because I use the same face cream for year now and love it, but I used it little by little and I actually like it. My skin is not sensitive, but I like the consistency of this one and how quickly it goes into my skin! Plus no overpowering smell, I love that.

8. Shea Lip Balm Repair
Another full size product! I love lip balms, and this one is really moisturizing. It quickly replaced the lip balm I had at work.


9. Comforting Shower Balm with shea butter
Look, you can laugh at me, but I do not know what a shower balm is – but it smells okay and made my skin softer after I showered.

10. Base Coat
I love this! I love everything nail polish, but this one does help to make my manicure last longer.

11. Nail Polish in Coquelicot
Did I mention I LOVE NAIL POLISH? This is a naughty-girl/Marilyn Monroe kind of red. It’s lovely!

12. Body Lotion for very dry skin
With oat extract! Simple and to the point – it does the job and it doesn’t feel oily on the skin. I don’t use body lotions – because I forget to do it, but I am trying to make an effort at least in the colder months.


13. Mandarin Cedarwood Shower Gel
I have the full version of this in my shower already and I am in love with it! I will give the small size to a friend (if any of my friends are reading this, just say if you want it)!

14. Express Eye Makeup Remover
This is one of those two parts makeup remover that you shake to combine the oil with the other part… yeah, I was never a big fan of oil makeup removers and did not like this one either. It does the job, I just don’t like the oily feeling afterwards. Much rather have a dry face because of micellar water, than feel super oily.

15. Shine Shampoo
The full version is also living in my shower – been using this one for more than a year now and I really like it. My hair is moody, but so far shampoos from Yves Rocher really do their job and my hair doesn’t get used to them like with other shampoos.

16. Nail Polish in Rose Pourpre
This is a lovely deep dark red – it is really pretty and up my alley. I already have a similar nail polish, of course, but I do not mind duplicates. Plus I loved that the calendar kept it pretty festive, but simple with the nail polishes because chances are more humans will use reds than bright neon green, right?


17. Body Scrub
I have another body scrub from Yves Rocher – because they use apricot seeds instead of those chemical beads so it doesn’t damage the water or this lovely planet. Love at first touch!

18. Almond Orange Blossom Shower Gel
Ah, I almost both the full size last time I went into the shop – so glad I got it in the calendar. It smells divine, just like all their shower gels (seriously, you don’t want to go into my bathroom but it’s 98,99% made of Yves Rocher shower gels – the other percentage is an old bottle of Old Spice shower gel).

19. Sparkly Nail Polish in Or Paillete
This is a golden sparkly nail polish with bigger silver sparkles; it is so pretty, especially over the deep red received from the calendar, but also on its own for a subtle sparkle – that’s how I wore it on NYE.

20. Nourishing Shampoo with oat extract
Okay, this is one too many shampoos for a calendar. I used it and it is a bit too heavy for my fine hair – but I should use it more before a final opinion.


21. Bourbon Vanilla Shower Gel
Ah, vanilla is my guilty pleasure – it is that overpowering smell that I love (I usually hate things that are that strong) and this is the perfect shower gel to use during a relaxing bubble bath.

22. “Evidence” Perfume
This is the first time I sniff this perfume and I really like it – so far I liked all the perfumes I tried from Yves Rocher, so this is not a surprise.

23. Eyeshadow in Or Blanc Scintillant
This is a lovely gold champagne color with gold shimmer. I am a big lover of champagne shade, and even better, lately I am really into yellow around my eyes for some reason. Another full-size product!

24. Lipstick in Rouge Vertige
What a way to end the calendar – with a full-size red lipstick. It has a lovely satin finish. It is glorious!

I am a big fan of Yves Rocher (again, want to see my shower?) so it wasn’t hard to please me – although they exaggerated with the amount of shampoo a bit. But for the price, you get some nice full size products and some lovely generous samples. In the end, it was a great way to try makeup and nail polishes from Yves Rocher – I usually stick with their shampoo, shower gel and perfumes (although they do great mascara).

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED getting a small present every day until Christmas and I plan to get the Advent Calendar next year too. I apologize for how loooooong it took me to write this post (first beauty review – kinda) and thanks to everyone who voted in my Insta poll, this post is for you!

Do you like advent calendar? Did you ever try one that wasn’t just chocolate?
Oh, I wish there was a book advent calendar…