The Winter Anime are finally out – well, some of them. Below are the anime that I watched already and my first opinion on them – I have to say, some of them really surprised me!

Sora yori mo Tooi Basho/ A Place Further than the Universe (Winter 2018)

sora_yori_ep01_001This anime got on my list because of the art and South Pole, but it has quickly become my favourite so far from this season – and the greatest way to start the year! It is just so cute, with an art style that I really really enjoy, with awesome characters – and at its core it is about dreams and friendship. It is so sweet and I love it so much – it even features the huge crocodile tears! I clearly cannot talk properly about it because I am too excited (it is something I am still working on).

The story is that Mari discovers a list she made at the beginning of school and she plans to make it come true, only to discover she is not as brave as she wants to… or make she just need some motivation. Unlike her, Shirase has a well-established purpose and she is working towards it day and night – to go to the South Pole. You might want to give it a try to see what happens when Mari and Shirase meet for the first time!

I really identified with Mari when she talked about being scared to do new things because she might fail… it hit really close to home. I have a feeling I will simply adore this anime and that it might be my favourite this season!

Yuru Camp (Winter 2018)

yuru_camp_ep01_001My second anime was Yuru Camp, which was absolutely adorable, but even though originally this was the one I was most excited for, now it is my second favourite. Nonetheless, the anime is still lovely, a perfect case of cute-girls-doing-cute-things, but you also get to learn a few things about camping.

During the first episode we only meet Rin and Nadeshiko. Rin loves camping off season in order to enjoy the beauty of nature all on her own. But one camping trip she meets Nadeshiko. They get to know each other around the campfire, roasting marshmallows and eating curry ramen.

The art is just as lovely as I was expecting it to be – ah, the scenery! And the characters are surprising as well. I think this anime has a lot to offer this season and I cannot wait for more camping adventures!

Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san (Winter 2018)

ramen_daisuki_ep01_006I started to one anime from my maybe-list because the first two really got me excited for this season. Unfortunately, I cannot say I am yet convinced by this anime, although I really enjoy learning more about ramen – but watching this anime sure makes me crave ramen 24/7.

Yuu decides to befriend her new classmate Koizumi-san, even if that means stalking her. Koizumi only has one interest and that is ramen. Nothing much else happens in the first episode and it is not like I wasn’t expecting a lot of ramen eating, but for now the characters have no substance…

I will continue to watch a few more episodes…

Citrus (Winter 2018)

citurs_ep01_002Today I finally got to watch the first episode of Citrus and I am not sure if the first episode is enough for me to form an opinion, but I knew this already going in – this is an anime that has to build the story and maybe it will be a good one. It is intriguing for sure.

Yuzu moves to a different town with her mum who has found a new husband. She is ready to start her first day at the new school on the right foot, only to find out that there are strict rules regarding the uniform and makeup – and that is how she meets the Student Council President Mei. When Yuzu gets home from an horrible day at school, she discoveres that Mei is so much more than that – she is her new sister.

Well more than that happens, there are few moments that did leave me excited for the next episode, but I don’t want to spoil you yet!


I also watched the first episode of Hataraku Onii-san! (Winter 2018), but the episodes are 4-min long or so. It is with cats, a very cheerful calico and a pessimistic Russian blue. It is fun and short (duh). I also tried an episode of Poputepipikku/ Pop Team Epic (Winter 2018) but I couldn’t finish the episode. It just isn’t my thing and I had to drop it.


That being said, I am really excited for the rest of the anime from my list – and for the next episodes of the anime presented today! Also, I do plan to continue Flying Witch and Sword Art Onlinebut this week I was really busy and made the new shows a priority.

Did you try any of the new anime? Which one is your fave so far?