Looking back on my Instafeed (I use Instagram as my photo diary) I realized that 2017 was actually a great year for me.

I think it is the year I traveled the most – and traveled for the first time outside the country (other than Bulgaria, my hometown is really close to Bulgaria so it doesn’t count), it is the year I spent so much time with my family despite living miles away, and if you want to know what other awesome things happened, then keep reading!


2017_01_januaryJanuary began in the company of some lovely people from work. It was a nice NY, with lots of champagne and laughs. I also went with my coworkers on a weekend getaway to Belis – it was full of snow and fresh air and bad reception; I had a lot of fun with the girls, especially in the sauna. I also went to one of my boyfriend’s monthly gatherings with his coworkers and had delicious cake (plus became a recurrent member).

Other memorable moments: my first frozen yogurt, Batushka concert, matcha latter with my Fika partner.


2017_02_februaryIn February I went to visit my family (what a coincidence, I am going again this February) and I spent a lot of time with my little cousins and had real eclairs – in this city, for some weird reason they use whipped cream for filling. I also saw the Danube frozen for the first time in my life. Once returned home, we went to Napoca Dog Show where I enjoyed all the adorable dogs and pet a Chow-chow for the first time – their fur is made of cloud!

Other memorable moments: Bandana Day at work, having lots of fun at 50 Shades Darker.


2017_03_marchMarch was pretty uneventful, apart from me applying for a new job inside the company and being stressed and studying on the night shifts. Fortunately there are churros to make me happy.

Other memorable moments: first time at Oser fair, best risotto at Zucca.


2017_04_aprilThe stress continued in April, but in the end it was all good because I got the promotion! I didn’t expect it, really, but now I am really happy with my job (no matter how much I complain about it). For Easter we went with my family to Covasna, and enjoyed the forest and fresh air, did a bit of hiking and fishing, and simply spent time with my family and our family friends.

Other memorable moments: helping Anca with her fitness exams, ramen double date, first Mega Image in Cluj, Easter breakfast, snow in April.


2017_05_mayMay was fun and stress-free. We got our first Japanese Snack Box. I went to Paula’s bachelorette party (full of shots and dancing). At work I spent my time getting to know my new coworkers and in training. Also went to a yoga event held outside for the first time, it was really enjoyable (apart from a creepy old dude).

Other memorable moments: lots of fun nights with these guys, lots of workouts with these girls, Paula’s wedding.


2017_06_juneJune was full of lovely humans and a weekend getaway with Anca and Andreea. We went to the capital because Anca had some more fitness courses to go to, and I and Andreea spent our days as tourists! I went to Antipa Museum of Natural History and loved it. At home, I went to a fancy date with my hubby – that included a walk with the boat on the lake (is it called a walk?), weird fancy dishes made with foam and stuff, and a delicious chocoalte tart. Also, I joined the Charity Action Group at work!

Other memorable moments: we saved a dog from a fountain, I got a haircut, went to a private party with free cider, went to my soccer team’s stadium, met with my best friend, visited the National Museum of Art from Bucharest, Aron returned from Finland and brought me all the licorice!


2017_07_julyJuly started as always with the Jazz in the Park festival, then my parents came over and I drove a lot – we went to Turda to see the Salt Mine and it was awesome. We also dogsit Musty!

Other memorable moments: we saved a pigeon, Street Food Festival, trip to Hateg, little cousin came over, I built doghouses for a dog shelter.


2017_08_augustAugust was my vacation month! First I went to Busteni with my family and our family friends. We went on a lot of hikes and it was amazing. And then, I went to Bucovina Rock Castle with my best friend (I wrote a blog post on all the concerts) – we visited almost all the museums in Suceava, then we went on a day trip to Gura Humorului (one of my favourite small towns now), where we met an awesome lady taxi driver and we visited the monasteries. It was so much fun and we plan to do it again this year too!

Other memorable moments: meeting with one of my math professors, team-building and rafting, first time at Samsara, walks with Gina on the Cetatuie, Starbucks with Alecs, Bucovina Rock Castle, visiting monasteries.



Let the stressful months begin! Apart from camping with awesome people, Anna’s wedding and buying lots of book from Bookfest (book haul post here), this month was the beginning of the craziness that October was going to be.

Other memorable moments: fried ice-cream at Nobori.



In any other year, October is my favourite month – this year, it is the month I almost want to erase from memory. We had some trouble with moving, people not keeping their word and so on. But I do not want to think about that. One of the best things is that my best friend Gina moved to Cluj, that Sorana returned from summer vacation so we went to eat cake and that I went on another team building with the company (saw a Sequoia tree and the most beautiful waterfall).

Other memorable moments: swimming!



Alas, November was amazing – we found a new lovely rent and moved. Then I went to Venice with my mum! It was a gift for her (because we also went to Torino, where her aunt and cousin live), but also a dream came true for me cause we went to the Venice Art Biennale! I teared up a bit holding those tickets.

And because November was so awesome, here are more pictures:


I really wanted to go to this edition of the Art Biennale because of Geta Bratescu, the artist for Romania’s pavilion and it was amazing. Plus Venice is the most beautiful city ever and we had some warm days for November. And, of course, we went to see the huge fluffy balls too! Then for my birthday I went with Gina at the Botanical Garden and we saw lots of squirrels. I ended the month with Patricia’s birthday themed party – the most expected party of the year!

Other memorable moments: Italian Pizza, gelato, the Romanian mime in Venice, pigeons in Piazza San Marco, Carole A. Feuerman’s exhibition, my first Lush bath bomb, going to the theatre for my birthday with my coworkers.


2017_12_decemberDecember was a great month personally because I joined the bookish community properly and met so many of you! Thank you for the support and comments and the awesome blog posts you are writing! Also, my family visited again and we went to a concert and mum left leaving my fridge full of food. It snowed a bit, but not on Christmas Day and I went to Sibiu where I had an amazing carrots cake – I wrote a blog post about the Sibiu Christmas Market!

Other memorable moments: watching The Holiday with Gina, going to the Botanical Garden with Sorana, hot chocolate date (and more cake), the present from Secret Santa.

In the end, it was a great year! Thank you for reading this far – I know this blog post is more for myself, to have an overview of 2017.

How was your 2017? Did you travel anywhere new?
Did you eat as many cake as I did?