2017 is almost over, and with that comes new opportunities and… and a lot of bookish challenges that I cannot help but want to join!! Plus, when you find a Master List with all the challenges on Girlxoxo.com, it’s even harder to resist. So I didn’t.

The purpose is not to complete all of them, just to have the challenges motivate me to read more. So here are all the challenges I will attempt in 2018!


Beat The Backlist 2018 – a challenge to make me read the books I already own instead of buying more books. Although I think this challenge is more suitable for people that read more new releases than anything else, and that is not really me, I still think this challenge will help me with reading more from my shelf.  PS: I am a Novel Knight!

Speaking of how I do not read enough new releases… another challenge I joined is 2018 New Release Challenge. My goal is to be a New Release Newbie (cause I already am), which means reading 1-30 books per year.

Because old books are also important, I am also doing Back to the Classics! The challenge is to read 12 classics, each for one of the categories of the challenge – it sounds really fun!

There is, of course, the popular POPSUGAR Reading Challenge – I ignored it in 2017, but I will keep an eye on it next year!

2018 Audiobook Challenge is the one I plan to really challenge myself! I am shooting for Binge Listener, which means 20-30 books – that is a lot of hours to spend listening, but audiobooks are great for work or chores!

A super exciting challenge is the 2018 Swords & Stars Reading Challenge, a SFF challenge with 20 awesome quests. I am tempted to make a TBR for this one, but not yet (but maybe soon because excitement).

One challenge that I should really do in 2018 is Finishing the Series Reading Challenge. I have so many series started, that I am scared to even check my Goodreads and see how many series there actually are that I have to finish! I should probably make a list with all of them, right?


And a fun, but super challenging one is going to be Tsundoku Bingo (which I will combine with Beat the Backlist, of course). Every three months there will be a new bingo sheet and I am curious if I will get at least one Bingo next year!

Last, but not least, is not a reading challenge, but a blogger one: Bloggers’ Comment Junction hosted by Elgee Writes. I plan to read more blogs in 2018 and comment a lot on blogs, videos, Instagram and simply connect with other bloggers.

Did you join any challenges for 2018 so far? Which one?