Last week, a new greenhouse was opened at the Botanical Garden and in order to celebrate it, they are hosting an exhibition with exotic butterflies. Unfortunately, I and my friend went there quite early and at the start of the exhibition most of the butterflies were still in their cocoons. PS: If you are from Cluj, the exhibition is open until the 20th and I bet by now the butterflies are all out and really beautiful.

But you know how they say… wait, I am not sure this Romanian saying has an English translation. Oh, I found it! You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometime you find you get what you need. Well, it is pretty close but things get lost in translation even when you use the words of Mike Jagger.

My point is, we did not get to see too many butterflies, but there was not one cat, but two in the new greenhouse (only got to take a picture of one). And the main subject of this diary entry, the lemon tree!

The lemon tree had small white buds all over and a few flowers, delicate and white, smelling diving – a mix of jasmine and citrus. Smelling them… ah, that’s when I realized that from all the trips to the Botanical Garden during the 6 years I lived in this city this is the first time I see the lemon trees in bloom. Neither I nor my friend expected the garden to be this beautiful this time of year. And because less people visit it, it’s more peaceful too. It was a lovely trip and it made me want to visit the garden more, no matter what time of the year.

I also realized that I should stop and smell the flowers more. And I do not mean that literally, but to just do more of what I enjoy and like. Which is what I am trying to do lately and it makes me really happy. Whether it is spending more time with friends, saying no (even at work, which made me really proud of myself – but that’s for another blog post) or simply writing a personal blog post about lemon tree flowers.


Life is not short, we are just wasting a big part of it. We all have things that we might not want to do, but you know what they say? When life gives you lemons, plant the seeds, grow a tree and smell the flowers – of course, lemonade is good too.