Tomorrow is my birthday. Today my mum told me the entire story of the day I was born – it reminded me of that Gilmore Girl episode with Rory’s birthday from the first episode. It was quite magical… although a bit surreal to think of that day seeing that I am turning 26 tomorrow. And why not challenge the 26 y/o me to 26 things to do before turning 27?

I tried to keep it balanced, but my list is not very hard, just a tad bit challenging and it is made to force me to broaden my horizon and find more time for all my interests! Without further ado, here’s my list:


  1. Visit a museum or exhibition every other month or go to at least 6 exhibitions. Okay, I am cheating with that “or” there, but life is unpredictable. I will try to make my visits more on the art part, but there are some museums in my city I have yet to visit – like that Pharmacy museum I keep hearing great things about!!
  2. Write “Photo an Hour” blog posts every other month. To be honest I will try to write them monthly because that’s just how much I enjoy writing those blog posts, but I will take it slow because I barely wrote or read any blogs this month.
  3. Create an emergency fund, that should be at least 3 months of my salary. In my ideal world, my emergency fund would be 6 months of my salary, but I know next year will be very expensive with the new apartment and furniture, so I am keeping it real.
  4. Get back my confidence to draw – I will have to draw at least one illustration each month. See, challenging but not that hard. Although the months of not drawing could prove me wrong.
  5. Don’t eat out or order takeout more than 3 times a week for dinner (I am allowed extraordinary circumstances like moving in a new apartment with no stove or fridge). As an additional challenge: make my own lunch for work at least 3 times a week. It should be doable, right?
  6. Sort and declutter my possessions so moving will be easier. This is going to be hard…
  7. Create a capsule wardrobe (and donate the rest of my clothes). One might say I could’ve combined this one with the one above. But that I way I would only give up clothes. I got quite good at donating clothes and changing my wardrobe. That’s why this is about a capsule wardrobe – not having as many clothes as possible, but having clothes that I love and go well together.
  8. Watch 26 documentaries. TV series documentaries count too, but my hope is I will mostly watch film documentaries.
  9. Complete at least 4 online courses. The one I started two months ago does not count. Also, if I cannot find courses that I interested in, then I have my blessing to fail this one – studying something without interest is not the way I want to do this.
  10. Donate blood at least once.
  11. Visit 6 places. Not necessarily new places. I just want to travel more, even to places I went to before but I have yet to experience everything that they have to offer.
  12. Travel to a different country with him. This year I traveled so much, but it was mostly on my own – with friends and family, but not him. And I think it is time for a vacation together – he might already be planning a trip to Greece…
  13. Read at least 3 books a month. My ideal goal is 4 books – one book each week, but I am prepared for the unplanned.
  14. Get healthier and fitter. Basically, lose some weight, be more mindful about eating (cook more, see above) and be more consistent with my workouts.
  15. Bake or create something sweet every month. This is going to be hard!
  16. Watch 4 films each month. Rewatches do not count, nor does the film for the film club and I am challenging myself to try diverse films like old films, new films, foreign films and recommendations from friends.
  17. Finally go to the dentist – at least once, woman! Get over this fear. Some people are scared of clowns, others of spiders, I am terrified of dentists! (And needles – why do I want to donate blood – am I trying to get myself killed before I turn 27?!)
  18. Pay more attention when it comes to my friends’ birthdays. Time to make a birthday calendar and buy presents on time not the day before the birthday party.
  19. Be more active with the Charity Group at work and volunteer more – try to be part of a project at least each season. So happy to be part of the Charity Group at work and this year I did a lot of things with them, but I want to get involved more.
  20. Do more fun things outdoors, especially in the summer. Do something outdoorsy every other week or twice a month!
  21. Drive more! Get over my driving anxiety and look out for more driving opportunities. I like driving, I prefer driving outside the city, away from infernal traffic – hopefully with no one else on the road. Bring other players and I freak out. I can easily drive if there’s another driver in the car, but I want to trust my driving skills more and simply drive more. I will seek professional help if I cannot do it on my own.
  22. Go swimming more. This year I barely did and I love swimming.
  23. Read more nonfiction books, but not too many memoirs. As a goal: 6 books, and at least half of them not memoirs. It’s really easy to read memoirs.
  24. Play more video games, and try new games too (don’t only play Cook, Serve, Delicious!) – try to find at least one day a month to play video games instead of watching cartoons.
  25. Watch more anime. Because I miss it, but it’s easier to choose a TV show over anime because I can multitask during it. So the challenge is to watch at least 2 anime episodes each week – that’s less than 1 hour or 1 episode of a TV show.
  26. Work on my social calendar. I will not set a specific goal for this one, I just want a more diverse calendar, with more fancy events, but also simple gatherings with friends at home being all hygge and spending quality time together.

I made it to the end of the list! Maybe you’ve noticed, but I tried to follow the SMART technique. I am really happy with this list and really excited to cross things off of it. I find it quite balanced, with hard things, easy things and some things that are hopefully going to help me form some positive habits.

So.. let’s do this!