Good morning, lovely humans! My life is quite hectic at the moment and I find it hard to just sit and read without tormenting myself with thoughts about moving and not having a house to live in.

You know how they say books are a way to escape your reality? I do believe it is true and I even experienced it, only those things I was escaping where grief or sadness, not having one of my basic needs – a roof over my head – in danger, plus a deadline to pack everything that I own… Escaping this reality is really hard, but this weekend I am challenging myself to not only pack a lot of boxes, but also read on the breaks between packing.

If you follow my Instagram stories you probably know that my books are already packed… So what am I going to read, you ask?


A book from Bookster! Bookster is a library-like-service that works with companies and brings you books at your workplace. My hubby’s company got this service recently so of course I had to use it!

I ordered Among Others by Jo Walton, a fantasy novel that won both Hugo and Nebula Awards – plus it was on my to-do list since… way too long! Speaking of escaping reality through books, this is what the novel is more of less about. It is written as the diary of a girl that loves science-fiction and fantasy novels and I only heard good things about it, so I am excited!

Hopefully, I will find it compelling enough to maybe forget some of my troubles… although it shouldn’t be too catchy because I should pack some boxes, not read all weekend.

(PS: The stickers are not on the books, it comes in a transparent cover – what a neat way to protect the book!)

What book is on your to-read list since forever and when do you plan to read it?