My music taste is hard to describe… and I have notice that so is everyone’s else once they get older and past the adolescence-music-is-everything-phase when a genre defines you and your style. Nowadays, I usually get hooked on an artist or album and listen to it on repeat. And for the past couple of months these two albums were most played in my earbuds!

01_Dirty_Shirt_Dirtylicious Dirtylicious by Dirty Shirt

I talked about them before, when I blogged about the music festival where I discovered them – Bucovina Rock Castle. They are a Romanian band that combine metal with folklore music and they sure brighten my day on my commute to work.

While I described them in two words above, their songs are quite different, mixing various styles. The album is a combination of original songs – most of them in English, and remakes of traditional Romanian songs. Also, they have two singers that are complete opposites but that is part of the band’s charm – they are different even physically, but they manage to come together and create only awesomeness.

You can listen to their album on Youtube (click! click!) – while most of the songs are in Romanian, you don’t need to always understand the lyrics to enjoy the music. Also on Youtube, I found their full concert from the festival if you want to watch them live – they do know how to throw an enjoyable show and make the audience happy.

After listening weeks and weeks to this album, I no longer have a favourite song because I love them all! They will have a concert in my city at the end of the month but I might miss it because I might be out of town – what a bad timing!


01_Jain_ZanakaZanaka by Jain

Jain is a French singer that I discovered on a TV reality-show – and I was quite surprised when I first listened to her work. I got obsessed with Makeba, and at first that was the only song from Jain I was interested in. It is a really good song, but I wasn’t curious to listen to her other ones. Until on the same show they played another of Jain’s songs – Come. And that’s when I realized that this girl has something special and Makeba being a hit was not just a one-time-thing.

So I listened to her EP Hope – which has the two songs mentioned above and later to her album Zanaka – which also features those songs and many other awesome songs. Jain’s style is different and experimental. She is quite unique – or maybe just for me, but the combination of African rhythms and drums with techno vibes is something I never listened to before.

I really enjoy starting my work day accompanied by Jain’s voice and her creativity. Her English has a lovely accent, probably because she is French, but it fits her lyrics and songs. And I like her Wednesday inspired dress and how she wears it everywhere and to her every performance.


♪ Radio Discovery ♫♪
by Rag’n’Bone Man – I rarely listen to the radio because it’s just not my thing, but recently I heard this song and it is probably the best song that I discovered on the radio since… FOREVER! I simply fell in love with it. It hits you instantly and the lyrics are beautiful and powerful. I know this is not a new song – but it is for me and maybe I am not the only one late to the party, so listen to it and be amazed.

How do you listen to music: an album on repeat, a playlist? And what’s your current music obsession?