Hello October,

I am quite late with this letter and I had two other blog posts planned for this week… other things are taking up a lot of space in my mind right now (but the pancakes recipe is coming soon). Remember my last blog post? The worst happened and I have a month to move…

I am not taking a break from blogging, but expect my posts to be more sporadically – not that I had an organized schedule until now, but I was trying to post at least three times a week.

So October…


You are usually one of my favourite months, but this year it seems I’ll barely have any time to enjoy your magic. Nonetheless, I am hoping to squeeze in some scary movies and books, and try to enjoy Halloween – to be honest Halloween seems impossible to enjoy right now because the day after I will probably have to empty the house!

It seems that all the sorting and routines I made last month are going down the drain this month. So my challenges this month are to keep positive, survive this stressful transitional period, and pack everything I own – and in the meantime sort and donate my possessions.

Is this the month I become a minimalist? Probably not. But I want to get rid of everything I am definitely not using.

So October, please be kind!