Oh, it is the end of September and I am a ball of stress.

When I first started this blog I decided that I will not be personal, just books, food, events and places and my take on them. But there are days when I just feel like typing my soul out there for the whole online world to see. Plus the weekend is full so there will be no time for reading hence no Friday Reads.

The past weeks my head was a bit all over the place and I had a hard time keeping up with the blog. I am not sure anyone is interested, but I will be self-centered (can I be that on my own blog?) and tell you about it… MY LANDLORDS ARE SELLING THE BOX OF A FLAT I AM LIVING IN.

Okay, caps lock was a tad bit too dramatic.

This box was my home for the past six year now and while I was never its biggest fan, moving is such a hassle and a thing that I hope to avoid doing for the following 6-7 months because that is when my tiny apartment (I will buy an apartment, guys!) will be ready (they are working on the roof and exterior right now) and I will have to move anyway. It’s the moving twice in less than 6 months that bothers me… and the way our landlords told us they’ll sell but I am not washing that dirty laundry on the blog.

I am trying to not let this uncertainty affect me, but I am clearly not succeeding. So I will still be stressful for a while. This, plus work – although I am really good at leaving the work stress at work (where it belongs!) -, plus some health issues are keeping me up late at night and away from blogging. Although now that I allowed myself to share these things, I feel a little better.


I will miss this view when we move…


There are also good things going on like the fact that my best friend Gina moved in my city (she has a blog too!) and… okay, I cannot come up with anything else, but I am doing my best to relax and take challenges one at a time. This impediment is definitely solvable, just an inconvenience on my comfy life.

Plus, what is the point of worrying when I do not even know if or when I will have to move? Six months from now this will not matter because I’ll have my own little house and nobody will be able to throw me out – well, I guess the bank has that power until I will fully pay for the apartment.

Ah, but we’ll always have Paris… Well, not really, but I am watching Casablanca as I am writing this and I am waiting for my takeout so the hunger makes me speak nonsense.

I hope you are having a better week!