Disclaimer: This book was kindly sent to me in exchange for an honest review.

Autumn is here to stay for sure. And I am enjoying the crisp mornings and the rainy nights, but before I say good-bye to summer for good, I have one last review that revolves around it.


Title: Summer Holiday (Timeless Victorian Collection)
Author: Nancy Campbell Allen, Sarah M. Eden, Annette Lyon
Published on: August 2017
Stars: 3.5/5
Goodreads synopsis: As Tessa Baker competes for the supervisor promotion at Sommerpool Department and Mercantile, she’s faced with a ridiculous list of tasks to complete in order to “win” the job. Carina Herrick says goodbye to the man she hopes to marry, knowing their separation will be temporary. Grant Ambrose is off to follow his dream and become established in business so that he can provide for Carina and a life together. He promises to write; she promises to return his letters. Every summer Sarah travels to Ivy House in London as one of the household servants to the Millington family. This summer, she’s particularly looking forward to seeing Jacob, a servant who lives at Ivy House year-round.

Review: My second anthology this month, only this one features three romance novellas set in the Victorian Age. Stories that revolve solely around romance are not my usual go-to, but I’ve been reviewing Timeless Romance’s anthologies for more than a year now and while their contemporary stories are not really my cup of tea, their Regency series is my guilty pleasure.

When they released a new collection set in the Victorian Era, I had to see for myself if it’s as good as the Regency collection that I am obsessed with. And let me tell you, it comes quite close to it, although it’s not as cheesy – while cheesiness is not always a compliment, I prefer my romance Regency stories really cheesy with extra cheesy on top! Guilty pleasure, I told you!

But back to our Victorian collection now. This book offers three novellas by well-known romance authors in the Timeless Anthology books. The stories are about a working-class woman fighting to be promoted as the first female supervisor and an Italian Count, a heartbroken girl trying to avoid a marriage who goes to live for the summer with her spinster aunt and a story about two servants in love with each other, but too blind to see it.

These are sweet light romantic stories, set in a time when women were starting to gain a bit of freedom. It was nice to have two of them featuring working-class women, and a third one having quite a strong unmarried woman as a secondary character. Although romance is the main ingredient of these stories, they did not ignore the struggles that women faced in the society during those times.

Fully fledged characters, a dynamic pace and a good intrigue make this book a great way to start the Timeless Victorian Anthology, and I am looking forward to the next one in this collection.

How do you feel about romance stories?