Hey, lovely humans, I hope you are having a fantastic first day of Autumn. My day was not so jolly, but I am adopting a whole new attitude and I am keeping my head up no matter what. I think with this new attitude I should also get into the habit of writing these posts early in the morning because I might have already finished one of the books I was going to talk about today!

One of the books on my list was another short story collection that I will review pretty soon on the blog – it’s horror stories because we must get into the mood for Halloween, right? Anyway, it was a great read and I finished it at work. Since it will get a review here, I will keep this short and tell you absolutely nothing about it other than this is my third short story book this month (don’t forget to check my review on the best sci-fi short story anthology).


For the rest of the weekend I hope to finally finish my coworker’s George R.R. Martin book (yet another short story collection) and at least start The Comfort of Strangers by Ian McEwan. The only other book I read written by him is The Cement Garden, a captivating yet disturbing tale of four siblings trying to live together without their parents. McEwan’s prose is quite macabre, and seeing how this novel is his second, after The Cement Garden, I expect it to be quite similar in style.

How was your day? Are you ready for Autumn? And what do you plan to read this weekend?