Every Autumn I make one of those Pinterest good looking lists with all the awesome things that humans can do in Autumn. I am jealous of those lists. I would love to go apple picking to an apple orchard and then bake a pie or have a Friendsgiving, but the truth is that I do not know any apple orchard that allows you to go and pick apples and my friends are all over the country and it’s hard to get them all in one place… especially when you live in a box of a flat (until I move when my tiny apartment will be ready or until the owners find a buyer for this flat and they kick me out).

But I could not go a year without a list. Life is not fun without lists – at least not for me. Only I am being more realistic this time around. Instead of adding things that I wish to do in a fantasy life, I will add things that I know I will have a chance of achieving – if I do or not, that’s another story.  So here’s my list:

  1. Enjoy the last warm days while they last. Which might not be for long, because the weather is already colder and I dug out the warm winter blankets. Yet I am still hopping for one more picnic or at least a long walk with my hubby enjoying sun’s warmth.
  2. Volunteer more and do more charity work. Although I am not a big fan of New Year Resolutions, one of the things I wanted to do more this year was volunteering and I am quite happy with my progress. This autumn I participated in a Back-to-School charity – helping kids from families that live in poverty start the school year with all the stationery and supplies they need, and I am also part of September Walking Month – walking to raise money for a free taxi for those in need.
  3. Sort my stationery (and other things). Speaking of Back-to-School, right? I am trying to sort all my stationery and give away all the empty notebooks gathering dust on my desk. I will also move soon, so it’s time to declutter, donate clothes and pack.
  4. Learn something new. I will try to complete at least one online course this season – I just signed up for a course on the Big Bang and I also started learning astronomy in general, but I do need to refresh my high school physics… it’s true what they say: you forget the things you do not use too often and it’s been more than 5 years since I did any kind of physics! Am I still surprised that I did not remember anything about the Boltzmann constant when I read the syllabus for the Big Bang course?
  5. Cook some Autumn recipes. On my list are the following: my curry pumpkin soup, an apple pie (naturally), my delicious vegan chili con beans perfect for cold evenings, try to make s’mores and finally bake some cinnamon buns!
  6. Purchase winter boots. Self-explanatory. I need some! And if Santa is nice this year, maybe I’ll even get a pair of those ugly ugg boots – they are supposed to be warm and fluffy, ok?
  7. Maybe learn to knit… I already told a few friends that I wish to learn to knit and they are really supportive so this is a great start. Now I just need to buy some tools and yarn.
  8. Autumn festivals. I told you about Bookfest already, but the city is full of other festivals like Septemberfest, special farmer’s markets and in a couple of weeks the International Book Festival will be here. Unfortunately Comedy Cluj is taking a break this year – so no comedy film festival for me.
  9. Autumn films and TV. And by that I mean Halloween films in October, discovering new TV shows that premiere this season and rewatching Gilmore Girls, again.
  10. Do not stress, enjoy the season. Last on my list is to relax and keep stress away by doing Autumn things like burning candles, drinking lots of hot chocolate, and taking a day off from daily chores to sit under the blanket and type a blog post from my bed – wait, this is what I am doing now ☺.

Do you have an Autumn list? What’s on it?