This is a bit of a different Friday Reads as I won’t talk too much about the books (you will soon see why) and a little bit of a catch-up – because although I started this blog mainly to have a place to post my book reviews, I am only human and sometimes feel the need to talk about other things. But let’s start with the books:


This weekend I am catching up on some books I received to review – I will probably post the review of Love, Murder & Mayhem on the blog too this weekend (loved it!), but the other ones are not as urgent – I am just trying to get a start on all the books I have to review until I get some more. And this is why I will not tell you anything about them because each will get an individual review on the blog… hopefully!


We are two weeks into September so why not combine my Friday Reads with a little update on my monthly goals?

THE BLOG – I have to admit that I am still adjusting to taking pictures in time (aka before I run out of natural light), finding my words, not erasing every sentence I write or rewrite my posts even if I published them a couple of days ago. But at the end of the day, I am enjoying it because there are Friday evenings like this when I play a nice music album and just type down whatever pops into my head… it feels good. People reading it? Great. People that I know reading it? A bit embarrassing – a coworker asked me about my blog today and it felt really weird.

THE ROUTINE – My morning routine is great. I wake up super early, I eat breakfast, sometimes I make lunch for work and sometimes I even workout. It feels great and it makes my day better. Plus I am full of energy – definitely better than waking up 15 before I had to run after my bus. Evening routine on the other hand… it is not as easy. My bedtime differs and sometimes I am so captivated by what I am doing (reading Japanese magazines, binge watching Elementary, playing silly garden games) that I do not realize when it’s past midnight! Which makes me wonder if I am only a morning routine kind of person…

FAVOURITES – This month I am really into my Dirty Shirt T-shirt and their album, of course (I will insert a picture here when I will have one, meanwhile you can read about the festival where I discovered the band). I also enjoy drinking ginger tea in the morning – a slice of lemon, a piece of ginger roughly chopped and warm water, and I would enjoy drinking my Frosty Afternoon black tea from Basilur IF I HAD ANY! And thanks to my friend Gina, I am back into making porridge for breakfast – also, another favourite is that Gina is moving to Cluj and I will finally have a best friend living within walking distance of myself!

What do you plan to read over the weekend? And what are your favourite things this month?