Autumn is here and that means colorful leaves, comfy sweaters, long scarves, hedgehogs and a lot of book festivals! The one that opens up the festival season is Bookfest – just last weekend and more will follow. This festival is one of my favourite, publishing houses gather up in the Casino, Urban and Cultural Center, and tempt me to empty my wallet on their beautiful books, so what’s not to like?

I never miss an edition of Bookfest (and I love when they hold spontaneous ones during summer), but every year I am only allowed to buy four books – I must have a limit or else…

This year, my buying theme seems to be books with prizes, and although most of the publishing houses had attractive sales, I gravitated only towards Nemira (because sci-fi plus HUGE sales) and Art – because of their contemporary and diverse book selection.

Anyway, enough about the publishing houses and more about my new lovely books:

The Immortal by Roger Zelazny, winner of the Hugo Award. I do have another book by Zelazny that I have yet to read, so did I really need another one? In my defense this book was less than an euro, plus it supposedly combines in a great way science-fiction with mythology and fantasy. I do not know anything else about it, other than the Earth might be in danger.

My next book is a short story collection by George R.R. Martin, A Song for Lya, that contains the novella by the same name, winner of the Hugo Award. Not my first encounter with Martin’s science-fiction works – that’s actually how I first met the guy, although I am a huge fan of his fantasy works too.

Moving on to what I got from Art: one of Patrick Modiano’s novels – apparently not a lot ofย  his novels are translated to English so I will use the original title – Chien de printemps. The author received the Nobel Prize for Literature and ever since his books started to catch my eyes whenever I entered a bookshop, especially this one. And I finally got it! It is quite short – as most French books other than Les Miserables – and it’s about photographs, Paris in the 60s and silence.

Another book I heard a lot about and winner of the Man Booker Prize is The Vegetarian by Han Kang. This book was quite talked about on the book blogosphere so you are probably familiar with it. It was on my reading list for quite a while now and I am looking forward to it although I heard it is not that comfortable to read.


A short book haul, but I am trying to save for my future tiny apartment (cannot wait to move) and furniture, although there is one more book festival I have to attend this Autumn…

So, what books did you purchase lately?