I almost did not write this blog post because I was busy all day and did not have time to take a nice picture – I think this is becoming the recurrent theme of my blog posts. Alas, one of my favourite series on my previous blog was my weekly Friday Reads, a short post on what I plan to read over the weekend!

friday_reads_09.08_01The reason I did not have time to take pictures of this book (and decided to use the crappy selfie above) is that I spent most of my day at Bookfest – an annual book festival with tons of books and, more importantly, book sales! In spite of the sci-fi books that I purchased at the fair today, this weekend I will try to read some fantasy set in the A Song of Ice and Fire universe.

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms by George R.R. Martin is a collections of novellas featuring Ser Duncan the Tall and Egg, and it is set almost a century before the times in ASOIAF. I am almost half through the second novella.

I really enjoyed the first one in this book (The Hedge Knight). The battle scenes are amazing – and there is one post-battle scene that is quite impressive. Plus, learning about how the characters are related to the ASOIAF novels… ah, I want to go into more details, but spoilers and maybe when I write the review for this book (promise to do). I’m just gonna say this – the history before ASOIAF is just as fascinating as what it is happening now in the books, but the stories of Ser Duncan and Egg are not your usual Game of Thrones action, they have a different tone, although the plot and the writing style is just as good. Anyway, I am excited for the adventures the other two novellas are going to take me on this weekend.

Other than this, I do not have anything planned. I borrowed the book from a coworker, so I wish to return it on Monday… With any luck, after I finish it, I will catch up on my Serial Reader bit from Madame Bovary and browse through Japanese magazines…

What are you planning to read this weekend?