Letter to September

Hello September,

Welcome to my new blog. Although this is by no means my first blog, what is different is my approach. Firstly I need a hobby. It is that simple. And this time I am trying to be more present and to use this medium as a way to improve myself and my skills. I want to write more and pay more attention (not just saying whatever pops in my mind), I want to use my camera more and take better photos. I want this blog to motivate me to get out and explore the world around me… which is why I have the categories FOOD and PLACES (and maybe I will cook more).

Enough about my introduction.

This blog post is about what I want to achieve this month.


Ever since I was a kid, September was the beginning, the month that felt more like the start of a new year than New Year ever did. I am done with school for now, and although I do not have a three month vacation anymore, September still feels like a fresh start.

After a summer of traveling, partying and having a lot of sleepless nights, it is finally time to return to my routine, whether it is about how I start my morning, the rituals before bed or my workout routine. I like routines. And September is the perfect month to start again –  I even got a new planner.

This is the month I am hoping to sort my life a little bit, work on my routines and maybe create new habits, stick to them and find some balance. I feel like having a routine brings balance and comfort to my life. At the same time, I am also learning that my balance shouldn’t be disrupted just because I do not have time for breakfast in the morning or camomile tea before bed. Sometimes it is more important to have friends over for board games or go for a hike at night on the Cetatuie.

Life is never going to follow a routine. And I just have to accept this. I might have a weekly plan for cleaning, but there will be days when I will need to do laundry early in the morning no matter how much my neighbours might hate me for it.

Because life doesn’t play by any rules. And I am finally learning to embrace that. Thus one of my goals this month, besides creating and getting back into my routines, is to keep my balance even when life is getting crazy and there is no time for a morning ritual.

I feel like I already started this process during the chaos that was August – the epitome of summer craziness and fun. In August I only meditated upon this concept, because I abandoned all my routines. Which is why this month feels like a beginning, and my Friday morning routine might just include writing a blog post while sipping my coffee.

Welcome September, I hope you will be amazing!

5 thoughts on “Letter to September

  1. I get what you’re saying about September being more of a new beginning than the new year, although now that I’ve been out of school for years, it doesn’t really that way any more for me. I also have been meaning to get into more of a routine but to also not freak out if that routine doesn’t work out perfectly all the time, so I get what you’re saying about that! I hope you’re able to reach your goals!


    1. Thanks, I hope so too! September is definitely not the same as when I was in school, but there’s still a reminescene about it and it gives me the energy I need to work on my routine. Good luck with yours!


  2. I feel like a lot of my routines are going to change for me too when I make my move over to university. But I am so happy to see you had a great summer, and hopefully you’ll be able to find your way around with this new blog. There is something to be said for making routines and knowing when you need to break them and experience a change as well.

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    1. Yes, Uni changed my routines a lot as well. I had to learn to organize my time a lot and not waste it.

      Thank you! I just need a hobby and I feel like this blog is what I need to motivate it me and help me improve. ☺

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